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DANBOL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is a sole importer and distributor of Sartorius Bioprocess and Mechatronics Products in Nigeria and Gambia.

We are authorized distributors for the following overseas companies in Nigeria.

X-RAY INSPECTION SYSTEM Optional Atex22 version available

X-Ray Inspection System: Dyxim-FB Series
The vertical-beam systems of the Dyxim FB series are used to inspect products in cartons, plastic bags and metallized foil and of loose goods.
⦁ Detection of contaminants such as metal, glass, stones, bones and special plastics (PVC)
⦁ Verification of product count and missing components
⦁ Verification of fill levels
⦁ Verification of product dimensions and volume
⦁ Verification of the product weight and voids in product
⦁ Low and High Power configuration
⦁ Easy installation, intuitive and user friendly handling
⦁ Optional remote control access
⦁ Statistical registration of production data
⦁ Integration in existing transport systems
⦁ High reliability, minimal maintenance


Premium Metal Detector Vistus®
With Vistus® , Sartorius is setting new standards in user friendliness and performance power. Thanks to the use of high-quality components and an enormously wide range of frequencies, the Vistus® series delivers maximum detection performance and reliability.
⦁ Multifrequency settings in a range from 60 to 1,000 kHz
⦁ Versions with reduced metal-free zone
⦁ IP65 protection standard; IP69k optional
⦁ Up to 200 product memory locations
⦁ Can be used at ambient temperatures from -10 to +55°C
⦁ Up to 4 metal detectors can be operated using just one touch screen terminal
⦁ 5.7“ color touch screen enables password-protected access to be configured
⦁ Automatic log-in using a fingerprint sensor
⦁ TCP/IP, RS232, RS422, CANbus, fieldbus and Profibus ports
⦁ UL/CSA approvals

APC: Advanced Pharma Compliance

Featuring an integrated package of Advanced Pharma Compliance (APC) functions, Cubis® will provide you with full support in obtaining qualified results. These APC functions are designed to help you perfect monitoring of your weighing equipment and processes and ensure the compatibility and traceability of your data.

Build your own Cubis® balance in 3D
All the options are open to you: Choose from thousands of combinations –  all from three different display and control units, seven different designs, 43 weighing modules, seven draft shield models, and much more. Too many choices? Sartorius will make it easy for you to build your personalized Cubis® in 3D.


SECURA analytical and precision balances were developed to fulfill high reliability requirements for applications in regulated areas, such as pharmaceutical labs. Secura automatically monitors ambient conditions to help achieve better measurement results, prevent handling errors, and increase reliability. Unique features include password protection, an optoelectric sensor to monitor leveling, and the ability to block output of questionable results, define individual identifiers on printouts, and determine the temperature and time parameters for automatic calibration.
Secura is available in three different body styles: analytical balances with draft shield (left), precision balances with draft shield (top right), and large pan precision balances (bottom right).

Gold bullion scale GBB GBB14202S-0CE

This special model is ideal for weighing gold bullion up to 14.2 kg/456 ozt. With special draft shield and impact protection it guarantees optimal use while weighing gold bullion.


sets new benchmarks in every aspect for standard lab balances. A number of features make your workflow much more efficient, such as fully automatic internal adjustment, direct data transfer, ergonomic style and, above all, the entirely new touchscreen user interface with built-in application programs.Sartorius teamed up with experienced lab users to develop the user interface of the new Quintix®. Lab users’ No. 1 priority was to ensure easy, intuitive operation without having read the manual first. They did it! The self-explanatory icons and plain-text prompts on the large touch screen show you all the information you need to know for the procedure – no more, no less. For example, the touch-activated print key will appear only when Quintix® has detected that a Sartorius printer is connected. The Quintix® also excels in compliance with workplace safety requirements: Even if you are wearing several pairs of lab gloves, you can still correctly use all the functions of the balance.


The new Entris® has been specially designed to deliver effective and reliable weighing results in your daily work. The easy and clearly structured user interface, the logical key assignment and excellent readability are ideal features for error-free operation.

User-friendly Operation
The backlit and high-contrast display ensures excellent readability. Easy navigation with function keys and the simple-to-read level indicator on the front enable userfriendly and fast operation.

Basic Applications
Entris® supports you in your daily work with integrated basic applications: animal weighing, density determination, counting, conversion and weighing in percent.

Easy Cleaning
The top and side sliding doors and easy-to-remove stainless steel parts of the draft shield chamber make Entris® convenient for thorough cleaning.

High Accuracy
The monolithic weigh cell ensures long-term high measurement accuracy and features the legendary reliability and quality of a Sartorius balance.

Internal Adjustment
Each model is also available with an internal, motorized adjustment function for optimal weighing accuracy and operating convenience.


This series is available in a choice of nine models and covers a range of weighing capacities extending from 120 g to 5,100 g, along with readabilities from 0.1 mg to 1 g.

Professional weighing results; easy operation
The dependable, rugged-built weigh cell of the Practum® balance ensures that even entry-level users will start weighing right and obtain professional, accurate results at all times. The easy-to-use menu guides the user intuitively through standard built-in applications, such as weighing, counting, peak hold to “lock in” the highest reading of a measurement series, and weighing under unstable conditions. The supervisor lock enables educators to prevent unintentional changes to the menu settings that control the balance’s weighing performance or data transfer in order to rule out operating errors. Moreover, Practum® transfers weighing data and results over its mini-USB port directly to standard software, such as Microsoft® Office or OpenOffice. The housing of the balance is easy to clean. In particular, the draft shield can be readily disassembled and its individual glass panels simply exchanged. These features make the Sartorius Practum® balance the ideal entry-level weighing instrument for education at schools and universities and training in laboratories.


Infrared Moisture Analyser MA35M-000230V1
The MA35 infrared moisture analyser is the basic model in the Sartorius series of moisture analyzers. Its range of performance features is geared toward daily routine use for in-process control. The MA35 makes moisture analysis easy!

The moisture meter MA35 has a rugged design and is user-friendly. The concise display shows the user all important information at a single glance. Easy-to-understand icons guide you in three steps from taring the sample pan to starting the measurement. To make the moisture meter MA35 even more user-friendly, we have removed unnecessary programming options without compromising flexibility or measurement accuracy.


range of premium lab balances has become the benchmark for use in regulated sectors that impose the highest requirements, such as in global pharmaceutical labs.

The first series of lab balances to feature a completely modular design, Cubis® enables you to combine your choice of display and control unit, weighing module, data interface module, and much more. Configure your lab balance just the way you want it by selecting from the widest variety of options available. As a result, you will obtain the best equipment solution for integration into your process.

Cubis® individual | App-solutely Individual

The unique Cubis® individual concept lets you create a customized profile for your specific app requirements – without having to use a laptop! Start off by integrating data into your software infrastructure and continue right on up to implementing complete control of your weighing process. The benefits for you: fast, clearly defined workflows and no errors. And you can accomplish all this with our Q-Apps, which you can install anytime and anywhere you need them.

The New MA37AND MA160 Moisture Analyzer

The MA37 is the new Sartorius basic model for moisture determination. It works faster and is easier to use than its predecessor MA35.

Fast – Compact – Accurate
In addition, it features a compact footprint and delivers highly accurate results. Moreover, its Better Clean design also allows for effortless cleaning, and the status light indicates the current process status. The MA37 is ideal for operations characterized by consistently routine measurement tasks

Infrared Moisture Analyser MA150Q-000115V1

The MA150 infrared moisture analyzer features a compact design along with flexibility of use. Its program memories enable efficient analysis even for a large number of different samples and is therefore optimally designed for use in inspection of incoming goods and quality assurance.

Moisture meter LMA200

for the moisture analysis in liquid and pasty samples with a moisture content ranging from approx. 8 to 100 %. The humidity meter uses microwave drying which produces results up to 300 x faster than a drying oven for samples with high moisture content. A built-in analytical weighing system inside the moisture meter LMA200 measures the weight loss of a sample and determines the end point at which…

Mark 3 HP, IR-quartz heating moduleLMA100PQ-000U

To prevent any damage to the surface of weights, Sartorius offers you a wide range of accessories for the proper handling, storage and cleaning of weights.


Traditional multi-branch manifolds and individual filter holders for microbial enumeration. The filter holders and manifolds have been designed specifically for applications in which the particles or microorganisms retained on the membrane filter surface are of interest. The stainless steel frit filter support ensures a uniform distribution of the residues during the microbiological analysis. Special closure clamps simplify the addition or removal of the funnels adding to the ease of use.


Miras platforms are equipped with painted steel frames and removable stainless steel weighing pans for years of dependable service and easy cleaning. Stainless steel column (tube) is standard with all models and is easily removable. Indicator can be set on a bench or adapted with our optional wall bracket for easy mounting.

Built-in applications and features include check-weighing, mass unit conversion, counting and Gross | Net displayed and printed features. The Miras® series of scales are ideal for multiple weighing applications including incoming | outgoing inspection, inventory management, quality control, packaging, formulating, and more.

⦁ Large (1 inch) backlit “Amber” LCD display
15,000 digit external displayed resolution
⦁ Fast stabilization time
⦁ Selectable weighing units: kg, lbs, oz & grams
⦁ Checkweighing with numerical input (HI|OK|LO displayed symbols for easy reference)
⦁ Counting with fixed reference samples: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100
⦁ Stainless steel weighing pan
⦁ Painted steel frame
⦁ IP65 protection (weighing platform)
⦁ Powered by 120 VAC (included) or six “D” size batteries (not included)
Built-in overload protection (150% of capacity)

Cellulose Nitrate (CN) Membrane Filter

Cellulose nitrate membrane filters have a very uniform pore structure and are available in a wide range of pore size.

Filter Papers

Broad range of filter papers. You can choose from quantitative, qualitative, qualitative-technical filter papers, blotting and chromatography filter papers and many other paper grades for special applications. Our filter papers are depth filters and typical applications are particle retention in gases or aqueous solutions.

membrane filters

The Sartorius membrane filters product line includes a wide selection of membrane materials for the microfiltration with pore sizes from 0.1 µm to 8 µm and for the ultra filtration with molecular weight cut offs from 300,000 to 1,000 Dalton. Typical applications for membrane filters are cell retention, particle collection, clarification and sterile filtration of aqueous solutions, particulate analysis, microbiological analysis and epi fluorescence microscopy.

Arium®pro ultrapure water systems

The arium® pro ultrapure water systems meet, and exceed, ASTM Type 1 water quality at an unmatched cost of ownership for any application. Available in a choice of five modular-design systems, this range offers the widest selection of features and options for customised configuration. The glass display with touch-activated functions, along with intuitive menu navigation, ensures error-free operation, even while you are wearing gloves.

Capsules And Cartridges for Liquids

Filters in several designs for liquids. Choose between sterile filters, pre-filters, and membrane filters. Our filter capsules and cartridges are ideal for many applications, such as screening in cell harvesting, clarification and reduction of the bio-burden and particles. Sartorius filters for liquids are the products of choice for sectors like the pharmaceutical or food and beverage industry.

Syringe Filters

Reliable removal of microorganisms and particles from liquids, air and gasses with Minisart® syringe filters. Typical applications are clarification, sterile filtration, sample preparation, sterile venting and medical applications. The syringe filters are available in many different pore sizes and with several hydrophilic or hydrophobic membrane materials.


Sartorius pipettes of Biohitfamily are appreciated for their user friendliness and accuracy, as well as their attractive, yet practical design.

Picus® NxT Electronic Pipettes

Picus® NxT offers you distinct advantages of compliance in strictly regulated laboratories, including a certificate of accredited 3-point calibration. It is also RFID-enabled to support asset management. The superior design of Picus® NxT, adopted from the proven, award-winning Picus®, provides maximum operating convenience, considerably easing your workload.

⦁ Certificate of accredited 3-point calibration to meet demanding quality system requirements
⦁ RFID-enabled to support asset management
⦁ Password protection for stored programs to prevent unauthorized changes
⦁ Repeated blow-out to dispense the very last liquid droplets, ensuring maximum recovery
⦁ Uniquely lightweight and compact design maximizes user convenience
⦁ Conveniently located, one-touch operating-button and feather-light electronic tip ejection help minimize muscle strain
⦁ Unique plate tracker increases reliability in microwell plate dispensing
⦁ The comprehensive selection of pipetting modes lets you perform a number of different liquid handling tasks quickly and easily

Why Choose a Sartorius Pipette?
⦁ Ergonomic pipettes reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI)
⦁ High accuracy and precision ensure reliable pipetting results
⦁ Their award-winning design combines top-class functionality and ergonomics along with a sleek, appealing look

Electronic Pipettes

Sartorius electronic pipettes are ideal tools to accompany you in daily, repetitive liquid handling in laboratories, where the accuracy of your results, speed and ergonomics are mission-critical. Their fully electronic control guarantees consistent, user-independent results, and their lightweight, ergonomic design gives you total convenience. With their multiple pipetting modes, you may perform your liquid handling tasks faster than with mechanical pipettes, and with their wide volume ranges, the Sartorius electronic pipettes often cover the volume range of two mechanical pipettes reducing the amount of pipettes you need.

Mechanical Pipettes

Sartorius mechanical pipettes are appreciated for their ergonomics, ease of use and reliability. As a result, they are widely used for various liquid handling tasks in pharmaceutical laboratories, research institutes, universities, healthcare and industrial laboratories, where they help you to perform your manual pipetting easily and accurately. You may choose the pipette of your liking from the various models we offer to suite your specific needs and applications.

Pipetting Accessories

The wide selection of Sartorius pipetting accessories keep your laboratory and instruments clean and in good order and make your pipetting safer and more comfortable. The pipette stands hold your pipettes in an upright position while not in use to avoid contamination from benches and tables, whereas the Safe-Cone Filters of the pipettes prevent contamination of the sample and the pipette while pipetting. Elbow-pad supports ergonomic and comfortable pipetting.

mLINE® – The Most Advanced Mechanical Pipette

Our most advanced mechanical pipette family – the mLINE® – offers you excellent ergonomics, performance and safety for manual pipetting. Its exceptionally low pipetting force and light-to-use tip ejection prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI) and ensure accurate results, also in long pipetting series.

Ergonomics, Reliability and Design
Three key factors – ergonomics, reliability and design are the cornerstones in the development of our pipettes.
⦁ Because we understand the risks of repetitive pipetting, we focus on ergonomic design in every product we make. When designing a pipette, we always consider the shape and function of the human hand. Simply put, you can use our liquid handling instruments in a comfortable posture and with minimum effort and strain.
⦁ The key features of a pipette are accuracy and precision. For this reason, we have used the latest technologies, along with in-house innovations, to achieve absolutely reliable pipetting results. Our electronic brake, piston control system and plate tracker for electronic pipettes are our most recent innovations, ensuring the highest accuracy and precision.
⦁ We provide products with a timeless and lightweight, yet practical, design, suitable for laboratory environments and appealing to users. The latest addition to our product family, the Picus electronic pipette, and German Design Award Special Mention in 2014.


pH-meters are used for professional measurements. In addition to pH-measurement, the mV-measurement and measurement of ion activity are feasible with these devices. pH-meters are available in mobile and benchtop versions. Sartorius offers an attractive price advantage on single devices without pH-electrodes with complete bundles which includes different electrodes.

Conductivity Measuring Cells

Conductivity measuring cells are used for the conductivity measurement of fluids, such as pure and ultra pure water. Epoxy Bodies and graphite electrodes feature the highest grade of robustness and long-term stability and offer the widest measuring range. The conductivity measuring cells are suited for temperature measurement and are equiped with automatic temperature compensation.

Conductivity Measurement Accessories
Conductivity measurement accessories include probe arm assemblies for conductivity electrodes, GLP-compliant printers, printer ribbon cassettes and printer paper. Conductivity measurement accessories are easy to handle with conductivity measuring cells and improved data documentation.

Basic pH Meter PB-11 PB-11.1

Sartorius Basic Meter –
The compact, basic pH meter for routine measurements in the lab.

Conductivity Meters

Conductivity meters are used for professional measurements such as conductivity measurement, mV-measurement and the measurement of ion activity, salinity or dissolved solids (TDS). The conductivity meters are available as mobile and benchtop versions.


The accuracy of your pH measurements depends on the instrumentation you use. The quality pH electrodes and sensors are designed to make your complex measurements routine, reliable, and accurate – in the lab or in the field. Available in a variety of body materials, body styles and sample requirements.

5 Process Controller with BATCH Application

The Maxxis 5 from Sartorius Intec combines accuracy, connectivity and functionality to provide a process controller unlike any other. Specifically designed to solve many of the problems faced by today’s manufacturers, the Maxxis 5 easily takes control of all modern automation processes. As a multiple use device, the Maxxis 5 is pre-programmed to control a diverse range of complex applications. Sartorius’ expert team of software engineers, in conjunction with industry specialists, have created software solutions that allow the unit to seamlessly integrate into any process. However, users who require it can utilise the easy to use IEC61131 programming language to implement their own unique functionalities.
– Process Controller for the automated control of weighing processes with up to four scales – Wide range of opportunities for flexible integration such as option cards, housings and EX approvals – DAT, multilingual easy-operation interface, backup function, service reports, simulation – BATCHING Application with manual and automatic recipe management – With an additional license: Internal alibi memory, OPC server, tilt correction – Supplied with Ethernet TCP|IP, Modbus TCP, RS232, RS485, USB, SD Card, 4 digital I|0

A complete range of potential applications

Standalone Batching

With a Maxxis 5 connected to 2 process vessel scales.
Within a recipe, up to 4 scales can be controlled simultaneously. The recipe stores all process steps and the Maxxis 5 can run the production without any other systems connected.

A printer can be used to printout the batching reports, or alternatively the reports can
be exported to a PC.

Manual Recipe
With a Maxxis 5 connected to 2 platform scales.
The Maxxis 5 guides the operator through the recipe. The display visualizes the status of the dosing, e.g. via bargraph. Users can utilize a barcode scanner to check if the right material has been used, and connect an additional report printer or label maker to the process controller.
With the recalculation function mistakes made by the user can be corrected immediately, eliminating product giveaway.

Batching with Fieldbus
With a Maxxis 5 connected to process vessels and a PLC.
The Maxxis 5 runs the recipe, however the control function of the digital I/O s is managed by a PLC, e.g. Siemens. Via Profibus-DP both systems maintain communication with one another. With this connection the PLC can integrate the process control within other processes.


The Sartorius Industrial Weighing Division is a globally operating premium provider of industrial weighing and control equipment. Our product solutions are used throughout the entire manufacturing process for products, ranging from incoming goods inspection to production, to final quality control and logistics. The portfolio of our Industrial Weighing Division covers high-quality measurement and inspection equipment, such as high-capacity load cells, checkweighers, metal detectors and industrial scales. Among our division’s major customers are, in particular, the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors and the basic industry. Especially in the sector of process tank and hopper weighing, our company ranks among the world’s leading suppliers.

The X4, X5 Process Controller system

The System Process Controller is a multiple use device for precise weighing applications for industrial environment.
A wide range of interface options make it feasible for integration in all up-to-date automation concepts. The housing is designed for easy installation into witch cabinets, operating panels or direct at the machinery as a front-end unit. The bright weight display with 7 digits plus units and status symbols guarantees a good readability even under harsh conditions. Additional two text lines are foreseen each with 20 characters. Under the text lines function keys are arranged. The meaning depends on the application and guides the operator through the menu. The keys have a double assignment. The second level enables the operator to enter also alphanumeric characters. The System Process Controller offers the connection of an external PC-keyboard to upgrade the operation comfort in case of data entry. The System Process Controller have beside the normal indicator and weighing functions several interfaces and an internal alibi-memory as an option. The terminal function allows the dialog with a host either PC or PLC. The communication channels are:

Compression load cell from 500 kg to 520 t. They provide absolute precision for container cars and dosing systems. Made of stainless steel, they are highly resistant and also insensitive to vibrations.

The range of load cells is designed exclusively for use on road weighbridges. The unique design principle, combined with the installation kits, counterbalances movements caused by mechanical or thermal expansion or contraction of the weighbridge construction. The unique combination of the selected geometry and material/surface hardness parameters guarantees perfect rolling characteristics, high restoring forces and long-term maintenance-free operation. A particular design characteristic is that the height and shape of the load cell remain constant over various load stages, whilst there is a particularly high overload range of, in part, up to 200%. At the same time, this range distinguishes itself – in addition to its high measurement accuracy and repeatability – above all for its unmatched reliability, robustness and stability, which enable trouble-free operation without adjustment, year after year. The pendulum support principle, combined with patented measuring element geometry, ensures that force transmission into the sensor is always at the optimum level and, in this way, the effect on measurement accuracy is minimized. At the same time, the load cell offers a particularly high overload range. The hermetically sealed enclosure and special TPE cable allow the unit to be used even under extreme operating conditions. Special resistance strain gauge technology, in combination with the PR6021/.. cable junction boxes, provides for demonstrably improved lightning protection. The entire measurement chain can be calibrated without the use of a reference weight. Due to “matched output” technology, in many cases electrical corner adjustment is not required. This saves a tremendous amount of time during commissioning. An explosion-proof (Ex) version of this range of load cells is also available, as an option, for use in intrinsically safe environments.

Midrics® Indicators

Stainless steel indicators for simple weighing tasks or standard applications in 2 different versions.Max. readability: 15.000 digitsIP protection rate: IP65
⦁ Display: backlit, 14-segment, 20 mm LCD for weight readouts
⦁ Integrated A/D-converter for connecting analog platforms
⦁ Material: AISI 304 stainless steel
⦁ Optional RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, 4-20mA, Digital I/O

Weighing Platforms Midrics®

Sartorius Midrics® offer you a wide variety of platforms. You can even select from two different types of indicator. These can be base-mounted at the front of the platform, column-mounted for a raised display, or mounted on a wall using special brackets that are available separately.

Midrics weighing platforms: 13 sizes, approved for Ex-zones 2 and 22. Resolution: 3,000 e or 2 x 3,000 e (verifiable), 15,000 d (not for legal metrology). Weighing range: 3 to 300. IP protection IP67/IP68 (stainless steel) or IP65 (painted).
⦁ Painted versions have an IP65 protection rating and are therefore suited for industrial use
⦁ Stainless steel versions have IP67|IP68 protection ratings and are therefore suited for industrial use in wet environments (stainless steel 1.4301/AISI 304)
⦁ 10 weighing capacities ranging from 3 kg to 3 t
⦁ 13 platform sizes
⦁ 2 versions for use in legal metrology of accuracy class III, resolution of 3000 e and 2 + 3000 e or standard resolution (15000 d)
⦁ 4 x adjustable feet, level indicator on LCE and NCE[/caption]

Industrial Scales Midrics®

Industrial scales for simple weighing tasks with integrated application programs. Modular design, 2 indicator models, 13 platform sizes. Weighing range 3 kg to 3000 kg. Readability 0.2 to 200 g.

There are hundreds of possible applications for an industrial scale, and not everyone needs a standard “off-the-rack” solution. Whatever, wherever, and however the Midrics® industrial scale can do it all:
You can order a complete scale, individual configurations, or separate modules. From 0.2 g to 3 t, verified or non-verified, with or without EX protection, Zone 2 and 22.

⦁ Painted versions have an IP65 protection rating and are therefore suited for industrial use
⦁ Stainless steel versions have IP67|IP68 protection ratings and are therefore suited for industrial use in wet environments (stainless steel 1.4301/AISI 304)
⦁ 2 indicators (display and control unit)
⦁ 13 platform sizes
⦁ 10 weighing capacities ranging from 3 kg to 3 t
⦁ 2 versions for use in legal metrology of accuracy class III, resolution of 3000 e and 2 + 3000 e or standard resolution (15000 d)


Universal Oven UN / UF / UNplus / UFplus
Precise drying, heating, ageing, burn-in and hardening in research, science, industry and quality assurance.

Steriliser SN / SF / SNplus / SFplus
Safer than disinfection, hot-air sterilisation of containers and instruments
Pass-through oven UF TS
The Memmert pass-through oven saves time when loading and reduces the danger of contamination, especially when directly transporting the chamber load between the grey room and the clean room.

Paraffin Oven Unpa
For many years, and with great precision, our paraffin oven UNpa has served users in science and research in sample preparation.


High-precision control technology creates controlled and physiologically ideal surroundings for the perfect environment simulation in building physics, electronics, biology, zoology and botany.

The combination of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, precise electronics and multiple temperature protection guarantees the highest level of safety in the laboratory.

Sample breeding and storage in microbiology, food, cosmetics or pharmaceutics: The cooled storage incubator with Peltier elements lowers operating costs as well as CO2 emissions.


Unparalleled homogeneity of temperature and humidity! For stability testing according to ICH – WHO – EMA – ASEAN – GMP – GLP – GCCP.

Do you require different ramps for incubating, breeding or storing? Do you need a larger chamber volume and at the same time quick temperature changes?

Absolute safety for laboratory and samples, even at high temperatures through corrosion-resistant stainless steel, precise electronics and multiple temperature protection.

„Specific Pathogen Free” (SPF) keeping of mice and rats in compliance with GV Solas guidelines.

Protection for in vitro growing cell cultures, tissue cultures and bacteria cultures in a controlled and physiologically ideal environment.


Laboratory fume hoods serve to control exposure to toxic, offensive or flammable vapors, gases and aerosols. Fume hoods are the primary method of exposure control in the laboratory. The laboratory fume hood is a type of local exhaust ventilation system (engineering control). A typical fume hood is a cabinet with a moveable front sash (window) made out of safety glass. A properly used and properly functioning fume hood exhausts hazardous gases, dusts, mists, and vapors from a confined location and helps protect workers from inhalation exposure.

Frontier® Acela M™ Series Fume Hood
The Frontier® Acela  M™ series Fume Hood is designed specifically for users in the mining industry. It provides the highest levels of protection and containment against highly corrosive chemicals at high temperatures.
Key Benefits
⦁ ASHRAE 110 and EN14175 compliant
1000 mm inner work depth which reduces risks of leaks and splashes of boiling acids
⦁ Superior containment at a face velocity of 0.3 m/s
⦁ High energy savings
⦁ Excellent aesthetics
⦁ 5 ° angled front of the sash to maximize operator comfort

Frontier® Duo™ Fume Hoods
The Esco Frontier® DuoTM Hood offers a solution representing design and engineering innovations that are at the forefront of fume hood technology. It provides superior containment of noxious chemical fumes at a face velocity of 0.5m/s while addressing worker comfort through its unique ergonomic design.
Key Benefits:
ASHRAE 110 certified
⦁ UL classified
⦁ Clean looking aesthetics
⦁ 8 degree sloped front of sash

Frontier® Mono™ Fume Hoods
Laboratory fume hoods are essential devices used to protect personnel against exposure to hazardous chemicals and gases. Esco Frontier® MonoTM fume hoods are primary containment apparatus that protects workers effectively from noxious fumes and vapors.
Key Benefits:
⦁ UL classified
⦁ Clean looking aesthetics
⦁ High performance

Disclaimer: Esco Frontier® is UL classified.  Due to the custom nature of the range, some options do not qualify for the UL label.

Frontier® Perchloric™ Fume Hoods
Esco Frontier Perchloric Fume Hood is designed to be used when handling hot perchloric acid, hot nitric acid, or for routine use of perchloric acid. Do not handle sulfuric acid, acetic acid, organic solvents, or any combustible materials in perchloric acid hoods.

This specialized fume hood is built with stainless steel internal surfaces (including the work surface) and a wash-down system of water spray nozzles dispersed throughout the hood. When heated, perchloric acid vaporizes and condenses on hood, duct and fan components. In addition to being highly corrosive, condensed vapors can react with hood gaskets, greases and other collected materials to form explosive perchloric salts and esters. Therefore stainless steel surfaces enhance cleanability and a water wash-down removes any explosive compounds that might have formed on the internal surfaces.

Key Benefits:
⦁ UL classified
⦁ Smooth coved corners
⦁ Built in wash down system
⦁ Excellent aesthetics
⦁ 5 degree sloped front
⦁ Superior containment at 0.3m/s
⦁ High energy savings

Disclaimer: Esco FrontierTM is UL classified.  Due to the custom nature of the range, some options do not qualify for the UL label.

Frontier® Acid Digestion™
Esco Frontier® Acid Digestion™ is designed to handle very concentrated acids at high temperatures. This specialized fume hood is built with unplasticised polyvinylchloride (u-PVC) known for its superior chemical resistance while the sash window is made of polycarbonate to prevent etching.
Key Benefits:
⦁ ASHRAE 110 and EN 14175 compliance assures maximum operator safety.
⦁ Full uPVC or PP interior for excellent chemical resistance and avoid immediate corrosion.
⦁ 5° angled front of the sash reduces glare and reflection for operator comfort.
⦁ Superior containment at 0.3 m/s results to high energy savings.
Frontier® PPH™ Fume Hood
The Frontier® PPH™ Fume Hood provides the highest level of protection and containment against highly corrosive chemicals. Its full polypropylene interior and exterior makes it metal-free, therefore suitable for sensitive work such as trace metal analysis.

Key Benefits:
⦁ Suitable for metal sensitive work
⦁ Excellent aesthetics
⦁ 5 degree sloped front
⦁ Unique perforated baffle design
⦁ Superior containment at 0.5m/s
⦁ High energy savings
Frontier® Radioisotope™
Esco Frontier® Radioisotope™ Fume Hood is designed to be used when handling radioactive materials. This specialized fume hood is built with stainless steel internal surfaces (including the work surface) with coved seamless welded corners for easy cleaning and decontamination. Frontier® Radioisotope™ fume hoods have been engineered to provide maximum safety while using low level Alpha and lower level Beta particles. In addition, these hoods provide containment performance similar to that of high performance low velocity fume hoods.

Key Benefits:
⦁ UL classified
⦁ Smooth coved corners
⦁ Reinforced worksurface
⦁ Excellent aesthetics
⦁ 5 degree sloped front
⦁ Superior containment at 0.3m/s
⦁ High energy savings

Disclaimer: Esco Frontier® is UL classified.  Due to the custom nature of the range, some options do not qualify for the UL label.


RETSCH is active in the fields of homogenizing laboratory samples for analysis as well as particle size analysis of solid substances. On the basis of more than 100 years of experience we have developed into the leading instrument manufacturer in these technologies.

For chemical and physical analytical methods such as AAS, NIR, ICP or XRF it is essential that the specimen is perfectly homogenized to an adequate degree of analytical fineness.
A reliable and accurate analysis can only be guaranteed by reproducible sample preparation. For these tasks RETSCH offers a comprehensive range of the most modern mills and crushers for coarse, fine and ultrafine size reduction of almost any material. The choice of grinding tools and accessories ensures that our instruments provide for contamination- free and reliable sample preparation prior to laboratory analysis.


Particle size distribution influences the physical and chemical properties of solids. Therefore this criterion is of highest importance in the context of science and quality control. Only if the size distribution remains constant, a steady product quality can be guaranteed, as the following examples show:
⦁ the strength of concrete depends on the particle size of the cement
⦁ the taste of chocolate is influenced by the fineness of the cocoa
⦁ the flow characteristics and solubility of washing powders depend on the fineness and particle shape of the basic materials

RETSCH sieve shakers, test sieves and evaluation software provide the key to easy, rapid, reproducible and, above all, accurate analyses.


RETSCH instruments from the “Assisting” group optimize and support sample preparation with our mills, jaw crushers and sieve shakers. They provide reproducible processes with greater efficiency and are characterized by their ease of handling.
⦁ Our fluid bed dryer allows laboratory samples to be dried rapidly and gently.
⦁ Our sample dividers prepresentative part-samples of powders, granules and many other bulk goods.
⦁ Pellet presses provide high-quality tablets for spectral analyses.
⦁ Feeding and cleaning instruments from RETSCH are suitable for universal use and, due to their functionality and high quality, they make routine daily lab tasks much easier.


B-150 SERIES: Advanced biological microscopes for students
The B-150 series has been designed to fulfill all requirements of educational laboratories. The available models allow a pleasant and effective approach to the world of microscopy. The quality of the optics, the reliability of the mechanical parts and the excellent price/quality ratio rank these instruments at the top of their category.

SZM SERIES: Professional stereozoom microscopes

SZM SERIES: Professional stereozoom microscopes

The stereomicroscopes of the SZM series are instruments designed for laboratory and industry applications. Their optical and mechanical qualities place them at the top of their category and the price/quality ratio is excellent.

The stereomicroscopes share the same optical system consisting of binocular and trinocular heads with zoom objectives. The four models of the SZM series find their proper application wherever professional instruments are required.  Several accessories provide an ample choice of configurations and applications.


Laboratory microscope for routine and research applications.
Dye-cast frame, with high stability and ergonomy, for transmitted and incident light observation.
Version for material analysis (with brightfield and darkfield epi-illumination)

Transmitted illumination:
X-LED8 (8W power).

Special attachment with built-in 100W halogen lamp.

HANNA instruments®

is the world leader in the production of of the analytical devices. The company operates in 43 countries and offers more than 3,000 products for more than 100 different economic sectors.

⦁ Electro analytical devices Hanna Instruments for laboratories,
⦁ various devices for industrial plants,
⦁ custom devices for water analysis,
custom devices for fertigation of agricultural areas,
⦁ We offer an extensive customer support and training for customers as well
⦁ the technical support and repairing of instruments – Hanna Instruments®.


Hanna Instruments offers a wide range of products especially those, which are earmarked for agriculture. With HANNA devices You are able to perform reliable analyzes of soil, water and light. All these parameters are essential for increasing the crops and to ensure the optimum plant health.
HANNA products are very easy to use and are affordable. They can measure various parameters: pH, EC, TDS, temperature, humidity and quantity of macro- as well micronutrients in the soil. You can easily determinate nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), …

HANNA instruments®


HANNA Instruments provides for manufacturers, contractors and owners of swimming pools diverse instruments for water analysis. We also have a great solution for the aquariums. lovers Hanna offers you high-quality testers, photometers, chemical composition, controllers, monitors and gauges of various parameters (pH, TDS, phosphate, phosphorus, dissolved oxygen, ORP, alkalinity, chloride, nitrite, nitrate …)

Hanna instruments are high-quality products that help many producers and processors of food with the necessary equipment for testing food products. Devices and methods of testing are certified. There are available: Hanna pH-meters, testers, thermometers and titrators for quality control.

HANNA instruments®

Hanna Instruments has a large range of products items for professionals of beer brewing. Hanna is aware of the importance of the quality of beers and offers to the producers pH meters, turbidity gauges and thermometers for achieving high quality and repeatability of beer quality. For the wine producers we have titration systems, photometers, desktop and portable gauges of various parameters, turbidimetry and electrodes for specifying the pH, copper, iron, phenolscolors, acids …

Hanna Instruments produces large quality equipment for laboratories; desktop and portable pH meters, conductivity meters, ISE electrodes, dissolved oxygen gauges, turbidimetry, thermometers, photometers and titrators of all sizes for the majority of laboratories.

INTERSCINCE :Since 1979, interscience has been inventing, manufacturing and ensuring lifetime support for the preparation and analysis of samples in microbiology labs. Made in France, interscience products are publicly acclaimed by users for being highly efficient.

We stand behind our products with worldwide service. At your service to give you the best information, technical advice and support, we are committed to provide you with the products that guarantee the most enjoyable experience.

Lab Blenders BagMixer® lab

blenders guarantee the best preparation before microbiological analysis for all samples from 10 g to 400 g and enable optimal bacterial extraction in 30 to 60 seconds. World best-sellers with more than 14.000 units working in labs, BagMixer® is the icon of INTERSCIENCE, the only company to be manufacturer of blenders & sterile bags for perfect work comfort. All BagMixer® enjoy a 3 year guarantee worldwide.
⦁ JumboMix® 3500 range: Lab blenders for samples up to 400 g
⦁ BagMixer® 400 range: Lab blenders for samples up to 40 g
⦁ MiniMix® 100 range: Lab blenders for samples up to 10 g

Manual colony counter

Scan® 100 is a manual colony counter with a LED lighting system and an ergonomic hand rest. It provides optimal colony counting on all media. Its USB port ensures traceability by exporting the results without prior software installation and with an error-free export of data.Scan® 100 is a manual colony counter with a LED lighting system and an ergonomic hand rest. It provides optimal colony counting on all media. Its USB port ensures traceability by exporting the results without prior software installation and with an error-free export of data.
.Petri dishes from ø 55 to 150 mm
.Contact dishes
.Filtration membranes
.Petri Film

.Optimal contrast with Dark Field system

.Use any pen

.Reading surface with angle  Just point it, it is counted
.Magnifying glass on flexible arm (in option)
.Long-lasting LED lighting5.

.Position of the magnifying glass
.Adjust the sensitivity, lighting, sound bip

Plate & Count System®

Automatic plating and colony counting
Plate and Count System® is a system offering quick, standardized, harmonized and traceable results. It enables incredible savings and great reliability of the results thanks to its total traceability. The plating and colony counting is automatic thanks to the automatic Spiral® plater and the automatic Scan® colony counter forming the Plate and Count System®.

Stainless steel compact tube with bubble trap

Stainless steel tube with bubble trap for single measurements. Heat- and acid resistant (PEEK) synthetic material components, optimized for temperature correction with theVariPol C as well as compatible with all Schmidt + HaenschPolarimeters

In-line Process Refractometer HR²

High resolution in-line Process Refractometer developed for real time refractive index or Brix measurement to monitor and control low concentrated liquids like nutraceuticals or diet beverages.

Automatic colony counters

Automatic colony counters
Entirely developped by INTERSCIENCE’s R&D department, Scan® colony counters offer exceptionnal reliability and traceability for high-performing results.
Scan® 4000: Ultra-HD colony counter
Scan® 1200: Automatic HD colony counter
Scan® 500: Automatic colony counter
Scan® 300: Automatic colony counter “Budget-friendly”

DiluFlow® Elite, DiluFlow® Pro & DiluFlow®

DiluFlow® Elite, DiluFlow® Pro & DiluFlow® are high-tech gravimetric dilutors. They automatically dilute a solid sample with the appropriate mass of diluant. All the dilution and distribution protocols used in labs are available. Discover the new patents and innovations for great lab work!
DiluFlow® Elite 5 kg: Gravimetric dilutor 5 kg connected
DiluFlow® Elite 1 kg: Gravimetric dilutor 1 kg
DiluFlow® Pro: Gravimetric dilutor 5 kg
DiluFlow®: Gravimetric dilutor
The philosophy of the family owned company SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is closely linked to the rich tradition (since 1864) with continuous high profile and continuous innovations in.
⦁ Laboratory Instruments
⦁ Laboratory Automation
⦁ Process Instruments
⦁ Analysis Automation

Digital Polarimeter UniPol L 2000

The new polarimeter UniPol L 2000has in comparison to the basic model UniPol L a higher precision and resolution and is equipped with two wavelength (405 and 589 nm). It’s mainly designed for pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

Fume cupboards

Clean Air
Our fume cupboards keep the air in laboratory free of dangerous gases, vapours and particles and ensure that an explosive atmosphere does not develop inside the fume cupboard. in addtion the closed sash protects against splashes of hazadous substances or shattering glass. thus the fume cuipboards ensure a safe atmosphere in the laboratory

Choose high safety, the best possible ergonomics and optimal cost effectiveness in your laboratory. Fume cupboards are key elements for the safe handling of hazardous substances in the laboratory, and a decisive factor in minimising the risk to everyone who works in the laboratory. That’s why Köttermann fume cupboards are the safest money can buy.

In addition to achieving top marks in all relevant tests, Köttermann fume cupboards offer users ergonomic advantages that make work processes easier and therefore safer.

Fume cupboards and extractors from Köttermann for every application scenario

⦁ Bench-type fume cupboards
⦁ High-performance fume cupboards
⦁ Distillation fume cupboards
⦁ EXPLORIS VarioTop® fume cupboards
⦁ Radionuclide fume cupboards
⦁ Walk-in fume cupboards
⦁ EXPLORIS TouchTronic®

Danbol Technologies Ltd, Lab Furniture:
Perfect for today’s lab . . . versatile enough for tomorrow’s changes
You can specify work surfaces, shelves and back splashes in a variety of finished surfaces, including Epoxy Resin, Chemical-Resistant Laminate or Stainless Steel—depending on your lab requirements.

Painted or Stainless Steel modular cabinetry of the highest quality fit and finish with hundreds of drawer and door combinations means you can store lab items exactly where you need them.

Fume hoods and enclosures complete your scientific lab, giving you an all-Danbol Technologies Ltd solution. Our full line of hoods is sure to meet even the most stringent requirements. Smart, practical and durable, Danbol Technologies Ltd lab furniture is built with the professional in mind.

Danbol Technologies Ltd Workbenches are designed and manufactured to offer unmatched quality, value, and durability to provide superior performance for today’s lab environments.

Base Cabinets and Support Legs, used to form the foundation for every workbench, are available in Painted Steel or Stainless Steel. Any Danbol Technologies Ltd Base Cabinet can be grounded as part of an ESD workbench system.

Workbench Components such as Ergonomically-designed Panel Legs, height-adjustable Bench Frames, Powered Shelf Supports, Powered Back Guards, Modesty Panels, Valances, Powered Aprons, Apron Drawers, Suspended Cabinets, Upright Frames, Carts, Drawer Divider Kits can be used to customize your work station.

Storage Cabinets, Mobile Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, and Storage Shelving are used to further maximize lab space and can be specified in Stainless Steel or Painted Steel in your choice of one of our 12 standard colors, or Danbol Technologies Ltd will match any color.

Accessories such as Under Shelf Lights, Task Lights, Sinks, ESD Chairs, Polyurethane Chairs, Bin Rails, Keyboard Trays, Monitor Arms, CPU Holders, Peg Boards, Tack Boards, Tool Trolleys.

Polarimeter VariPol C

Polarimeter VariPol C
The new VariPol C from Schmidt + Haensch is a basic Polarimeter which is especially designed for pharmaceutical applications. It offers a high quality build-in peltier system for automatic temperature control.


Laboratory furniture
You can choose from a broad selection of laboratory furniture.

All of our products guarantee superior flexibility and enable you to work efficiently. Workbenches with cabinets and worktops are the core of your laboratory. Additional basins or sinks, services and accessories join the individual elements to form a complete entity.
Laboratory furniture from Köttermann for every need
⦁ Underbench cabinets
⦁ Tall cabinets
⦁ Wall-mounted and top-mounted cabinets
⦁ Underbench bases
⦁ Workbenches
⦁ Worktops
⦁ Basins and sinks


At DANBOL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED we provide second to none quality after-sales support services and preventive maintenance for all laboratory equipments.
Our engineers are qualified professionals who has attended several overseas trainings and seminars.With us, your companies are in safe hands.
Thank you.

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